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About me:

It will be no surprise for you to learn that I enjoy clothes – especially accessories!   As a child. I was in my element choosing shirts, ties and socks to go with my father’s business suits.  In my teens and twenties I loved combining colours and putting together outfits for weddings and other events.

Now my passion as a Personal Stylist is helping woman to be confident in their look, in both the colours and styles they choose to suit their lifestyle and body shape.  Over the years I have worked with young teenagers to women in their eighties; stay-at-home mums, directors, teachers, nurses, musicians and many more besides.

The majority of my work is with women over 45, often facing changes in their body shape, as well as their working and home life and requiring a wardrobe to match.   Clients often are looking for a fresh perspective on their clothing needs.   I love helping each individual but especially those who have lost  confidence in their wardrobe by recapture their joie de vivre once again.

In 2013, I trained with a leading image consultantcy and have been part of the Federation of Image Professionals International (FIPI) in the past.  At the beginning of spring and autumn I work with local boutiques as clients look to keep their seasonal wardrobes current.

One to one consultation in colour analysis or style are popular services and a great place to start your style journey. 

I also provide wardrobe management and personal shopping for those women who just cannot afford the time to browse for outfits that suit their lifestyle. 

You are a first class version of yourself, not a copy of someone else.   When working with you, my job is to help you discover your own personal signature style.   I want you to enjoy how you look and feel in your clothes and enable you to live your life to the full.

I can help you:

  • Introduce more colour to your clothing 
  • Create outfits and show you how to accessorise with confidence 
  • Discover your signature style, authentic to you 
  • Create a wardrobe that fits your lifestyle

The Studio is based near Banbury, Oxfordshire and I see clients from North Oxfordshire, South Warwickshire, Northamptonshire and surrounding areas.

Please give me a call on 01295 721228 or drop me an email [email protected] and together we can make a positive impact in your life.