Do you want to save time, money and reflect your personality in your image?

Are “organised” and 

“co-ordinated” words you dream of

being true of your wardrobe?

During a wardrobe audit we take:

an overview of your clothing needs in relation to your current lifestyle requirements,

-review your existing garments,  

-see how we can give a new lease of life to current garments, 

-identify where there may be gaps in your wardrobe.

We discuss ways you can build your wardrobe in the future as your budget and time allows to give your increased versatility for every occasion.

Too many women have unworn clothes taking up valuable space with the average women having £285 worth of unworn items.

Wardrobe Organisation

Being able to locate your clothes easily in the morning will ensure you get the most out of each item and save time.

I will re-order your items ensuring complete outfits are easily identifiable.

This service will save you time and money as we only return garments that work for you.

We will look at storage as well as accessories and shoes.

To book a Wardrobe Audit and Organisation please, contact me at [email protected] (minimum 3 hours) plus travelling expenses if outside OX15.

Client Testimony

“Following Jenny’s visit to audit my wardrobe I can see clearly what I have to wear, rather than reaching for the first thing available and repeatedly wearing that same outfit.  Getting dressed was such a chore each morning and I inwardly groaned as I decided what to put on.  Now I can see complete outfits, from head to toe, thanks to the helpful outfits photographs and organised footwear.  It was something I dreaded doing but Jenny was gentle and encouraging in getting me to let go of things that are outdated but had sentimental importance but did me no favours.”   

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£150 for Minimum 2 hours

Portrait of smiling young woman at clothing store