“Style is understanding who you are and knowing how to say it in your own language” 

India Hicks

We all have style but is your personality truly reflected in your clothes?  My aim is for your style to be authentic to you and your personality and values.  

During a Style Consultation we look at your lifestyle and body shape and help you discover your style personality.

Your personality – do you like simplicity or are you creative with colour and texture? Do you adore lace and feminine, soft fabrics or is a dramatic look more your style? It is important your clothes and accessories reflect you as an individual.

Your lifestyle –  Is a corporate setting how you spend your week or is a casual wardrobe required on a daily basis?  How do you enjoy your leisure time? All these factors will determine the clothes that work for your lifestyle.

Your body shape – Why does a dress look great on your sister but not on you? Your bodyshape require clothes shaped sympathetically to your silhouette, and then you will look fantastic. When you understand your body shape you will know which fabrics and styles work best for you.

Style Consultation: 2 hours


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Woman trying clothing