Your Perfect Little Black Dress

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Your Perfect Little Black Dress

Whilst we love, adore and wear colour at every possible opportunity we also recognise that sometimes you just want to keep things classic and simple. This is when a little black dress (LBD) comes in.

Black may not be in everyone’s dominant colour palette but here at colour me beautiful we believe that it is not the colour you wear but how you wear it that makes it a success. You need to consider the fabric your LBD is made from, how much flesh is on show and what accessories and make-up are worn in order to make it work for you.


 All Shades of Black

The appearance of black will soften when you use a textured fabric and ‘lighten’ when you opt for a sheer fabric. This Monsoon dress, is a great option for those in the Soft or Light categories as not only is the top sheer, the lace texture softens the appearance of black next to the face.
Monsoon LBD

 Showing Flesh

Deep is the only colouring type that can wear a dark colour on its own near the face. To help wear black successfully, leave enough flesh on show with a lower or open neckline.

 Flesh LBD



Wearing jewellery is a sure-fire way to make your LBD flattering. The light will reflect on metals and beads, giving a lift and bringing out your natural colouring.

Warmer skin tones are best in gold, copper and bronze; cooler skin tones are best in silver, platinum and pewter. Diamonds are perfect for everyone!

LBD jewels


 Don’t make the mistake of wearing a strong shade of lipstick or blusher when wearing black. Avoid the temptation to be overdramatic with your eyeliner and eyeshadow colours and stick with what you know suits you.


Spiced Peach
Spiced Peach