Working from Home

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When working at home and using video calls, how do you present yourself?

Working from Home

Things to consider are:

Work Space: Set up your work space, then look at it from the viewer’s angle. Is it presentable, professional? Ensure it is a good representation of you.

Camera Angle: The position of your screen camera. The focus needs to be on your face, not angled at your body, the ceiling or your desk.

Lighting: Is your face in shadow or well lit? If possible, sit facing the window, desk lamp to ensure your face is well illuminated and clearly visible. If you don’t want the expense of new lighting consider positioning two lamps (angle poise, if possible) at 11 o’clock and 2 o’clock facing you.

Body position: Sit attentively but relaxed rather than slouching or leaning forward on your elbows. Ensure you look at the camera and don’t gaze away in a distracted way.

What do you Wear?

Stick with neutrals with some colour. Ensure that you don’t merge with the background, e.g. pale skin, beige blouse and walls!

Stay away from too bold a colour as this may be too harsh on the eyes to focus on for too long.

Avoid busy patterns such as bold stripes or vivid prints to distract the viewer.

Jewellery – Avoid jewellery that is noisy when you move or anything that catches the light and causes distraction for the viewer/s.

Remember to smile and be yourself.