Who Visits a Personal Stylist?

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Visiting a Personal Stylist is not just for the rich and famous, far from it!  Women from all walks of life (and men too) see a Personal Stylist!  It’s for women who don’t wish to waste money buying the wrong clothes for them, in either colour or style who benefit from a visit.  Those who could do with a confidence boost or “pick me up” find it a worthwhile investment.

It’s a positive experience, not at all scary and can be a life changing event that can bring you benefits in confidence, time and money when shopping. 

My approach is one of encouragement and exploration to find what works for you. 

Among my clients are: teachers, HR Management, retired women (do they ever retire!), Directors, Marketing Personnel, mums, lay clergy – a pretty broad spectrum of people. 

Don’t just take my word for it, read my client’s words and take a look at the testimonial page for more:

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Wardrobe Audit

“My wardrobe had a fair number of items which were regularly taken out, tried on, and then put back; colours that didn’t flatter me; and combinations which didn’t look right – but I couldn’t work out why.  After a Colour Consultant and wardrobe audit with Jenny, I know have a collection of clothes in colours which suit me and make me look more vibrant and noticeable.  But most importantly, I now feel confident about how to put my clothes together into outfits which make the most of them and make the best of me”.  CL

If you feel unsure about where to start then please do call me for a chat on 01295 721228 and let me guide you.