Time to Declutter

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With a New Year stretching ahead it makes sense to take a good look inside your wardrobe now. 

Go into January 2016 with an organised wardrobe

with the basic building blocks in place on which to add colour and interest with accessories and new items.  

How we present ourselves is so important as rightly or wrongly we are assessed in those initial moments.  We want to give a true impression of who we are both in our working environment and socially.  

Start your New Year with a Wardrobe Audit.  We can become emotionally attached to clothes and find it hard to remain objective when clearing out.  Booking a Personal Stylist to audit your wardrobe means she can give you a professional opinion on what suits you not only in style but also colour and with a view to the forthcoming season. 

Together we’ll put in place the necessary basics on which to build up a wardrobe that reflects your style, personality and works hard for you on a daily basis.  

Assessing and re-ordering everything in your possession is a useful way to see what you already have and identify the gaps.  How many woman discover they already have 5 black pairs of shoes and don’t need yet another white blouse but some colour would be a useful addition!! 

Do you own ….

– brand new clothes with the tags attachd and know they will never be worn?

– clothes that don’t fit?

-clothes you don’t have anything to wear with?

– clothes you hope you’ll have an event to wear them to one day?

These items take up valuable space and could be put to better use elsewhere. 

It’s time to audit your wardrobe so book a Wardrobe Audit for January 2016.