Stay Cool this Summer

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With today’s temperature set to rocket, we need to all stay cool this summer!

Wearing a bikini top and grass skirt may not be appropriate even for dress down Friday, but there are ways in the workplace or for leisure we can dress for the climate.

Apart from all the normal precautions; keeping out of the sun at the hottest part of the day, wearing sun protection products, covering your head when outdoors, drinking plenty of fluids, fabrics can play a huge role in staying chilled.

Natural fabrics like cotton, linen, silk, bamboo, chambray, lyocell and modal will all keep you cool .

Cotton is good for all climates.

Chambray will keep you cool in dry heat and humidity.

Linen is good for all climates. Some would say the coolest of the cool. Buy the best quality you can as it can be quite labour intensive to maintain an creaseless look! For some with a classic personality it is a ‘no-no’ but for those who like the natural, ‘lived-in’ look it’s perfect.

Bamboo is natural and sustainable crop. It is breathable and therefore great for summer wear. It also provides protect against UV rays which has to be good news and is particularly good for sportswear.

Silk is a great option for the evening when you want to dress up for that summer party of BBQ.

You might like to look for sustainable and ethically sourced items with organic cotton with brands like: Bamboo Clothing, Thought Clothing, Know the Origin, People Tree (who also sell vegan-friendly items).