Get Passionate about Colour this Valentines

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Passionate about colour 

At Style by Jenny I am passionate about colour.  I enjoy enabling others to discover new colours and using the colours that make my clients look and feel good.    

Let yourself fall in love with your perfect colours this Valentines and it will be the start of a lifelong relationship…

Connect with your colours 

How often have you heard a female friend or relative say, ‘I LOVE this colour’?  We can have a strong reaction to some colours and with others a real love affair and when we see them.  These are the colours that bring us joy when wearing them.     

Colour can really excite us, just like our favourite food, special place we visit, etc.  The key is not just to be in love with your colours, but the colours need to compliment you.  In that way it needs to be a two-way relationship.     

 Wear your passion in reds, pinks and orange to boost your mood 

If certain colours you love are not very complimentary, especially near your face, keep them to a minimum and find a more suitable shade.   

When you understand why certain colours are more suited to you than others, you can start to build your personal style, develop your own look and create the perfect partnership.  


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