Brighten up Rainy Days

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The skies may be grey and it’s pouring outside but that doesn’t mean your outfit has to reflect the weather.   Winter is the perfect time to inject some colour into your look and stand out from the crowd.

 All to often at this time of year the high street is awash with shades of Black, Navy and Charcoal, however with my expert advice to show you how you can look colourful and stylish whatever the weather, you’re onto a winner!

AW light

AW deepAW cool

AW warm

House of Fraser
House of Fraser


This weekend many high street retailers have mid seasons sales before their Christmas stock arrives. 


Browse your wardrobe and try my suggested combinations to brighten up your outfit.


AW clearAW soft

If you need further colour or style advice please contact me on 01295 721228 to ensure you sail through the season in style.