Body Image Confidence

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With Mental Health Awareness Week in May I want to promote the positive effects of seeing a Personal Stylist can have for those who struggle with low self esteem or body image.

I’ll let me client tell her story:

I had always hidden away inside baggy clothes and dark colours. Even my Christmas jumper was grey – I didn’t know what colours or even the shape of clothes that actually suited me. Only my shoes had any real personality about them, so I had lots and lots of them and no much else I enjoyed wearing.

Image Client

First of all, I had a colour consultation with Jenny – given as a birthday present. This showed me the huge range of colours that work well for me, and also those to avoid. I carry my colour wallet around in my handbag for easy reference. Jenny was gentle, approachable and always encouraging.

Next Jenny advised me on make-up for a daily look to give me a professional look. My career has developed and it’s been increasingly important that my appearance helps me communicate well, win new projects and give clients confidence in me – something I wasn’t doing before. Now I know what to buy to help me do this even better.

Wardrobe Audit

Jenny and I reviewed my wardrobe, she showed me new combinations of garments to make work that I had never put together, giving me ideas for leisure outfits from things already in my wardrobe.

It’s very inspiring to work with Jennyshe takes the time to understand who you are, and sees potential in you. The potential that you may not perceive yourself. it’s rather like therapy through clothes, and has the same transforming impact.

The focus of The Mental Health Awareness week is Body Image. About a quarter of women surveyed for a YouGov poll said they felt high levels of stress about their body image.

As a Personal Stylist I promote confidence in your body whatever your size or shape and nothing delights me more than showing a client how to be confident in who they are and what they wear. I encourage my clients to wear clothes that suit their frame with less emphasis on size but on what is flattering and fits them.

Colour is an important factor when it comes to harmonising with your natural characteristics, that is, your hair and eye colour and skin tone. Wearing your best colours truly can make you feel more confident.