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Welcome to Style by Jenny   

Using the science behind Munsell’s colour theory I help my clients discover their best colours, most flattering styles and how to accessories their daily look.    

Your style is important and needs to be a true representation of you because that way you will feel at ease, confident and be the very best version of you.   

Our clothes communicate to others about our lifestyle, values and personality before we even say a word, making the good impression is important.  

Being well dressed does not mean being at the cutting edge of fashion or require you pay  designer prices.

Seeing a Personal Stylist is not for the rich and famous but for anyone starting out in life, celebrating a new job, returning to work, retiring or any other milestone.    

I particularly enjoy helping clients who have a special event to attend; Ascot, Wimbledon, wedding or milestone birthday or anniversary.  Many clients look for professional help to take a fresh look at their day-to-day wardrobe.  Whatever your images requirements I would be happy to help.   



Be a first rate version of you, not a copy of someone else.

Book a Colour Consultation either on a one to one basis or join a friend for a Colour Confident Workshop (see Events Page for next Workshop date). 


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